LIMITED EDITION Dog Bed Marilyn Monroe in Capri Blue

$269.00 USD

The Marilyn Monroe romantic bed is a sublime retreat for me. Its round shape makes sure no edges can ever come between me and my comfort, while the velvety upholstery invites me to relaxation and creates an idyllic setting to enjoy the sweetest dreams.




LIMITED EDITION Marilyn Monroe in Capri Blue


Handcrafted with the finest material. Such as Velvet is the epitome of luxury. Add a luxury accent to your eclectic room. A stunning look both in a modern and traditional surrounding.

– Handcrafted dog bed
– Small: 23.5 x 15.5 in (60 x 39 cm)
– Medium: 29.25 x 22.62 in (75 x 58 cm)
– Large: 42.9 x 23.63 in (109 x 60 cm)
– Polyester upholstery.
– Foam filled seat cushion.
– Made in the USA of imported materials.
– Timeless design
– 10 year frame and 3 year manufacturing guarantee
– Free delivery

Colour Inspiration

Spring is coming and the sky is blue just as the flowers that open their peddles. A sense of fresh air and feel the beginning of summer. 

There is no assembly required, just open the box.  It’s done.

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This bed is made to last. Give your pet a treat, a stylish and comfortable Ottoman dog bed. This exclusive dog or cat bed, comes in all sizes to fit your dogs small, medium or large. Such as yorkies and chihuahuas, Labrador or collie, husky or a poodle as well in different sizes.