Solvit Sta-Put Bolstered Couch Pet Cover - Cocoa

$39.99 USD

The Solvit Sta-Put™ Furniture Protectors are made to keep even the smallest cracks in your couch furball free!!


The NEW Solvit Sta-Put™ Furniture Protector comes in a beautiful Cocoa color and 2 convenient styles. The Luxurious stain-resistant top, micro-suede fabric are designed to keep your couch protected even from harriest pup!!

The Rubberized Sta-Put™ devices tuck under furniture cushions to ensure even the smallest cracks in your couch are kept fur free.


The Solvit Sta-Put™ Bolstered style Furniture Protector combines furniture protection with exceptional comfort for pets.

The generously-filled bolster provides a cushion on three sides and serves as a backstop to keep pet hair from touching the upholstery.
This style can also be easily removed for cleaning or when guests arrive.

The Solvit Sta-Put™ Bolstered style Furniture Protector is available in two sizes:
Medium: 28" Lx 26" D and fits pets up to about 35 lbs  - MAP $34.95
Large: 46" L x 26" D and fits pets up to 120 lbs. - MAP $54.95


The Solvit Sta-Put™ Full-Fit style Furniture Protector (see other listing) provides complete coverage for cushions, arms and seat back.

An extensive system of adjustable straps ensures a snug fit on most any furniture.

The Solvit Sta-Put™ Full-Fit style Furniture Protectors are available in three sizes to match common furniture pieces:
Chair size: 55" L x 66" W - seating surface: 23" x 28"
Loveseat size: 88" L x 66" W - seating surface: 52" x 28"
Sofa size: 119" L x 66" W - seating surface: 71" x 28"


All sizes and styles are available in two attractive colors, Moss and Cocoa.

The Solvit Sta-Put™ Furniture Protectors feature a main panel with plush, quilted construction that extends forward to protect the front edge of the cushions. This section also has a fully-waterproof membrane built in so “accidents” don’t cause cleaning headaches.

Machine washable but recommend using a mesh wash bag to keep the straps untangled.

One year warranty to be free of defects in material and workmanship.