Dog training - Essential

Dog training - Essential

Dog training - Essential

Dog training - easy steps to success 


Being a dog parent, the most satisfying thing is to train your dog successfully. If your dog is properly trained, it will strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

No matter the age, all dogs need basic command and obedience training. If you want to learn the basics of training and what are the benefits of training, read the article below.

Basic dog training 


Your furry friend is a smart animal. A dog can learn many commands, but only a few are necessary to safely move around other pets and people. Here we will discuss the basic commands that are an important part of dog training.



The first and easiest command to teach your puppy is the "sit" command. If your puppies learn this command at first, they will respond to training faster.

Since this is the first training lesson, use methods that are humane, and have a positive impact. You can use treats and rewards to motivate your dog.



Down is the command that is best for all dogs, but especially important for large dogs. If your furry friend learns to stay in down under your command, you can take him for a walk and play. There is nothing better than seeing when your puppy is wandering around relaxed in public without having any threat to other people and pets.



The "Stay" command will teach your dog self-control. This command is easier to train when your dog is adept at the Sit command. When you are training your dog, you need to work on each command for at least five minutes so that with continuous training, he learns to stay in one position for half an hour or more.



Come is the basic command that you can teach your dog and can keep him safe from possible dangers. If you are walking your dog around the block and he suddenly got off-leash. At that time, the "come" command can save their lives from traffic and encounter other dogs.



Do not confuse this command with the "down" command. You can use the off command when your puppy is jumping on your bed or sofa. The off command will also help your dog stay calm when greeting so that he keeps his feet on the ground.

Leave it 


The Leave It command is an essential command that will keep your adult dog away from swallowing dangerous things. Dogs have a curious nature and will touch everything that crosses their path. Teach your puppy to let go by saying the command leaves him if he finds anything in his way.


What are the benefits of dog training?


If you have trained your dog properly, it will give them the freedom to run freely and do the things they like to do. Good training will also keep them safe and under control when you meet with your friends and family. 

Training will also help them not to get bored as it will keep them mentally stimulated. Basically, dogs are intelligent, and they can learn the things that help them in daily living.